Post-Conference Day 1st October 2015

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9:00 AM Workshop F: Standardisation as a Driver for Value Improvement

Duncan Peace , Managing Director, Crondall Energy

Rationale:The workshop will bring together a number of leading experts to debate the ways in which standardisation can be used as a driver for project value improvement. The discussion will examine ways in which greater harmonisation, in for example, technical standards, execution methods and equipment might be used to reduce cost and project risk – but also examine the limitations and challenges of such an approach. Overall the industry needs to develop a lower and sustainable cost base to adjust to this lower oil price environment. This debate will help delegates focus on some key actions that can help achieve this lower cost base.

Discussion Points:

Value improvement key ingredients:

  • Process – how to establish a methodical challenge process at key stages in the development process.
  • “Mind-set” – fostering an attitude which challenges assumptions.

Where is standardisation applicable and where not? How can it help achieve value improvement objectives?

  • Standardising processes, materials and documentation, agreements;
  • Harmonising rules and regulations across the global supply chain.
  • Learning lessons from other industries.
  • Making equipment adaptable and scalable.
  • Reducing complexity.
  • What practical steps can the industry take?
  • What is the size of the prize?
  • What are the challenges?

Who is this for?

This value improvement workshop is designed for:

  • Business leaders.
  • Policy makers.
  • Project Directors and Managers.
  • Asset Managers.
  • Engineering Managers.
  • Lenders
Duncan Peace
Managing Director
Crondall Energy

11:30 AM Workshop G: How to Deliver Cost-Effective Projects amid Low Oil Prices?

Puneet Sharma , Vice President, MODEC

Dave Hartell , Senior Development Manager, Sea Lion, PREMIER OIL

Rationale: It is no secret that the fluctuation and drop in the price of oil has the industry worried. Balancing cost control and reductions while still delivering safe and successful projects is in everybody’s interest, and open and innovative frameworks and discussions involving all stakeholders needs to be implemented as early as possible in the development phase.
This workshop will address some of the key challenges involved in continuing to deliver cost-effective projects in the current environment, drawing key perspectives and concerns from oil companies and FPSO contractors. The workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the concerns from key stakeholders, before proposing a practical framework to develop cost-effective projects.

Who is the Workshop for?

  • Project managers
  • Commercial managers
  • Operations managers
  • Development managers
Puneet Sharma
Vice President
Dave Hartell
Senior Development Manager

Rationale: Despite being the largest market for upcoming FPSO projects, there are many challenges involved in the construction and project delivery of FPSO projects in Brazil. Furthermore, recent events have highlighted the need for oil operators, FPSO contractors, shipyards and solution providers to clearly understand the regulatory requirements and specific strategies to overcome these challenges.
This workshop will also serve as an insightful roadmap for oil companies, FPSO contractors, shipyards and solution providers who are interested in the South American FPSO market. This workshop will also examine the current economic climate in Brazil, regulatory requirements and address issues in local content to ensure that participants have a practical framework and understanding to successfully kick off and execute projects.

Who is the Workshop for?

  • Commercial VPs and GMs from vessel owners and shipyards
  • FPSO project managers
  • Business development managers
  • Commercial managers
Jose Pontes
SVP Business Development
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