Pre-Conference Day 28th September 2015

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9:00 AM Workshop A: The A-Z for Turrets and Mooring Systems

Cedric Morandini , Head of Naval Department, SBM Offshore

Rationale: Be it for shallow water or deep water projects, choosing the right mooring system for your FPSO remains a pivotal decision in project and operational success. FPSO owners and operators need to evaluate different types of mooring systems in terms of CAPEX, OPEX and system availability during service life.

This workshop is designed to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the criterion required before making such decisions. Questions on spread vs turret mooring, the pros and cons of each, and operational examples of current and upcoming turret systems will be discussed and presented in this workshop. Inspection and maintenance will be addressed.

Discussion Points:

  • Examining spread vs. turret mooring systems and the impact of field specifications: What are the implications for CAPEX, OPEX and system availability?
  • External vs Internal Turret systems: What are the pros and cons?
  • When and where to use disconnectable turret systems and how to optimize the benefits of using such a system?
  • How do riser systems complement each type of mooring system? How do deep water riser systems differ from shallow water and how do they affect mooring systems?
  • Overcoming challenges between the design and operational phases for turret and mooring systems.

Who is this for?

This technical workshop is designed for:

  • FPSO project managers
  • Heads of engineering departments
  • Naval architects
  • Construction Managers
Cedric Morandini
Head of Naval Department
SBM Offshore

11:30 AM Workshop B: Enhancing Mooring Integrity for FPSOs

Arun Duggal , Director R&D, SOFEC

Rationale: Given the current environment, ensuring that you understanding the challenges involved in mooring integrity and the right skillsets to overcome these challenges are an essential part of enhancing overall asset integrity for FPSOs.
This workshop will address some of the key issues and pitfalls in maintaining mooring integrity, and how this can potentially have huge implications for life extension projects. The workshop will draw extensive information from real experiences and provide delegates with a comprehensive understanding of the issues and solutions to enhance mooring maintenance and integrity for your FPSO project


Who is the Workshop for?

  • Asset integrity managers
  • Mooring managers
  • Maintenance managers
  • Turrets and moorings specialists
Arun Duggal
Director R&D

Rationale: Project interface handovers continue to be a huge challenge between FPSO project and operational teams. There is a huge disconnect within these teams on this issue, which can result in delays and disruptions in project start-up and successful operations. This workshop will dive deep and address these challenges, focusing on the root of the problem, and allow delegates to obtain a practical framework to integrate both project and operational teams to overcome these challenges.

Who is the Workshop for?

  • Project Managers
  • Commercial Managers
  • Commissioning Managers
  • Operational Managers
Andre Vogel
Subject Matter Expert

2:00 PM Workshop D: Developing a Comprehensive Framework to Enhance Process Safety Onboard FPSOs

Brendan Fitzgerald , Managing Director, Vanguard Solutions

Rationale: Enhancing process safety onboard FPSOs is a critical and challenging task for any project manager. Safe operations onboard an FPSO are vital for efficient operations. FPSOs combine traditional process technology with marine technology, and are heavily dependent on operational safety control. This workshop will examine the potential pitfalls in process safety and identify hazard scenarios/events. It will provide participants with practical case studies, frameworks and best practices to mitigate these challenges.

Discussion Points:

  • Examining best practices in design and construction of topside modules to enhance process safety and operations
  • Overcoming challenges between design and actual process operations to ensure a hazard-free and safe working environment
  • Developing a comprehensive framework for operational and process safety onboard FPSOs: Minimizing the human error element
  • Analysing the best practices and providing an operational case study on enhancing process and operational safety onboard an FPSO.

Who is this for?

This technical workshop is designed for:

  • FPSO project managers
  • Heads of engineering departments
  • Process safety managers
  • Naval architects

And stakeholders involved in the design, construction, conversion and operational phases of FPSO projects to ensure a safe working environment for both conversion and new build FPSOs.

Brendan Fitzgerald
Managing Director
Vanguard Solutions
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